25 Fun and Useful Wii Games to Help You Stay Healthy and Fit

Normally, video games are not thought of as providing a great deal of physical activity. Indeed, for years health care professionals have warned against the problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle — of which video games are a part. Things have changed somewhat since the advent of the Nintendo Wii, however. Instead of seeing video games as a plague to human health, some nurses and doctors are beginning to see merit in certain types of video games.

The Wii uses motion, so that players can interact with the game. As a result, some of the video games played with the Wii can actually be quite physical. Some games even get up the heart rate and can help players improve their health. Here are 25 Wii games that can help you stay healthy and fit:

Workout Games

There are actual video games designed at helping you work out better, and helping you improve your health through physical activity. Here are some of the best games that you can play, aimed at helping you increase your health:

  1. The Biggest Loser: Based on the popular NBC show about weight loss, The Biggest Loser game offers you the chance to create a plan to help you get into better shape. More than 88 exercises help you focus on different areas of the body, and choose a program that works for you. Also includes recipes for better eating.
  2. EA Sports Active: Popular video game maker EA has a sports game division that makes popular games about sports. One of these games is EA Sports Active, which provides access to different 20 minute workouts designed to help you target different areas of your body. Includes a 20-day challenge meant to help you get in shape fast.
  3. Daisy Fuentes Pilates: If you are looking for a good workout to help improve your core, Daisy Fuentes Pilates can help you. There are different exercises for different levels of ability. Your efforts are tracked, so that you can compare yourself against…yourself. Encourages you to work hard so that you get props for proper timing.
  4. Wii Fit Plus: Find a number of different exercises for a number of different exercise styles with Wii Fit Plus. You can keep track of your weight, create a personalized routine, and benefit from an upgraded and improved version of Wii Fit. Offers customization and help with improving your positioning as you perform the exercises.
  5. Jillian Michaels’ Fitness Ultimatum 2010: If you are looking for a fun way to get a serious workout, Jillian Michaels’ Fitness Ultimatum 2010 is the game for you. You are dropped onto a rugged island, and need to follow Michaels off the island by performing various workouts. A tough workout that will help you get into shape and stay healthy.
  6. Yoga for Wii: This great Wii game is meant to help you get better at yoga, and use it for personal fitness. Yoga for Wii helps you improve your fitness as you plot a course toward a specific goal.
  7. Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout: If you are interested in a good cardio workout, Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout can be a good choice. It provides scheduled workouts and the ability to track your fitness improvement.
  8. My Fitness Coach: Get helpful information on exercise and fitness, set goals and track your progress with help from My Fitness Coach. Adapts to your level and helps you improve.
  9. Boot Camp Academy: This Wii game is designed to help you get into shape fast. You train like a soldier to get into great shape when you play Boot Camp Academy.

Sports Games

If you enjoy sports, there are some fun Wii games that you can play. These aren’t workout games, but they are active games that require you to move around a lot and do what you can in terms of working up a sweat.

  1. Winter Sports 2: If you are interested in winter sports like figure skating, biathalon, snowboarding and more, you can play Winter Sports 2 to get a good workout.
  2. Shaun White Snowboarding Trip: Follow snowboarder great Shaun White on a cool trip around the world to resorts in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. Use a balance board to improve the game play of Shaun White Snowboarding Trip.
  3. Punch-Out!: This classic sports game comes to life with the Wii. You can play Punch-Out! and get a first rate workout. As long as you are putting yourself into the game, bobbing and weaving and using your arms, you should work up quite the sweat.
  4. We Ski: If you like skiing — and even if you don’t, We Ski is a great game. It requires you to use balance, and it allows you to move back and forth, and reach your goals.
  5. Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games: A fun way to get involved with the sports of the winter games. Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games brings beloved characters from two of the most famous video game franchises to life — and lets you be part of the action.
  6. Skate It: This game is somewhat difficult, requiring more balance, and the ability to improve your core. While you won’t be working your arms as much, you will still be moving when you play Skate It.
  7. Wii Sports Resort: A cool way to enjoy sports — and working out. Wii Sports Resort allows you take place in a number of cool sports that get you moving, including boxing, fencing, water skiing, table tennis and more. Get active playing against others or yourself.
  8. Don King Presents: Prize Fighter: If you are into boxing, you can play Prize Fighter, and get a good workout. Boxing is a very active sport, and with this game, you will have to act like a boxer in order to excel, giving you a good work out.
  9. Summer Sports: Paradise Island: Head to this fun island to play summertime sports with the Wii. Get your body moving with Summer Sports: Paradise Island‘s golf, volleyball, basketball, and more.

Game Play

You can use different physical activities to unlock game play with the following games. They provide a great outlet, while offering physical activity.

  1. Walk It Out!: Start a good workout program that is fun. Compatible with different Wii accessories, you can use the Walk It Out! game to allow you to see an in-game world when you walk in time with the music.
  2. Wii Music: It may not seem like fitness, but you can get a low-impact workout with Wii Music by imitating the motions needed to play instruments like the drums, piano, guitar, banjo, congas and more.
  3. Go Play Circus Star: Pretend you are in the circus, and engage in a number of motion-inducing activities such as knife throw, trampoline bounce, tightrope, pony dancing and more with Go Play Circus Star.
  4. Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party 2: Master the dance moves, and master your fitness. While not necessarily a workout or sports game, Dance Dance Revolution nonetheless offers a serious workout.
  5. Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party: Take part in a number of goody mini-games that promise to get you moving at least a little bit — and maybe even help you work up a sweat, depending on how into Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party you get.
  6. Active Life: Outdoor Challenge: Test your mettle with this challenging game. Run, jump, tilt and more as you participate in Active Life. Not as good as actually being outdoors, but it will get you moving.
  7. All Star Cheer Squad: Work your way up to becoming captain of “Fox squat” when you play All Star Cheer Squad. A fun game that you can play with others that will get you moving and dancing.
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