52 Excellent Twitter Accounts Every Medical Professional Should Follow

One of the best ways to improve your knowledge and skill in health care is to learn from others. There are numerous ways for you to get knowledge and experience, and the Internet makes it even easier. From doctors to nurses to lab techs to medical assistants, it is remarkably easy to find information on different career fields in the overall medical profession. Twitter makes it even easier to connect with and learn from other health care professionals. If you are looking for a little more insight into medicine, you might consider following some of these 52 excellent Twitter accounts:


Find out more about what it is like to be a doctor, thanks to these great Twitter accounts.

  1. @kevinmd: Follow this well-known doctor, and learn more about what’s going on in the world of medicine.
  2. @docrkp: A great doctor on Twitter with interesting tweets and good information.
  3. @DrKimMD: Follow this pediatrician with plenty of insight into child health and medicine.
  4. @drdrew: This Twitter account is verified for this famous Love Line doctor. He offers great information and advice.
  5. @DrOz: Follow the famous Dr. Mehmet Oz on Twitter and get interesting information on health and medicine, as well as the latest medical news.
  6. @DrMommy: This mom and MD has interesting insights and more on healthy parenting and pediatrics.
  7. @sanjayguptaCNN: Official Twitter account of well-known (and interesting) CNN contributor and doctor Sanjay Gupta.
  8. @DRoftheVaJayJay: This sassy ob/gyn offers great answers and straight talk about a number of issues, including reproductive health.
  9. @gruntdoc: This is a great account from an ER doctor who used to be a military physician.


Follow these surgeons on Twitter to learn more about the every day lives of these specialized doctors.

  1. @HenryFordNews: This health facility system in Michigan began tweeting live surgeries. Also a great place to go for medical information.
  2. @oracknows: Surgeon who blogs at Respectful Insolence and offers interesting insights on medicine and surgery. Medicine with a scientific twist.
  3. @JaxPlasticSurg: An interesting account that looks at plastic surgery and other medical issues related to surgery.
  4. @SurgeryLive: Tweets from the Surgery Live team, sharing information about operations, and news about surgeries you can watch as they happen.
  5. @ColumbiaAortic: Read about surgery and more from the folks at Presbyterian University and Columbia University.
  6. @spinesurgeon: Orthopedic surgeon from India with great insight and health information.


Nurses do some of the toughest jobs around. You can follow these nurses to learn more about the profession, and get insights into what it’s like in the trenches.

  1. @aydzb: Nurse educator and wellness coach, offering advice and information about healthier living.
  2. @crzegrl15: This flight nurse shares great stories and insights. Plenty of funny stories and experiences.
  3. @Emergiblog: The Twitter account of an experienced emergency room nurse.
  4. @BrianBowman: Interesting stories and more from this RN and transport pilot.
  5. @BonnieRN: This medical care manager and nurse legal consultant. The tweets from this nurse are a must read.
  6. @Geek2Nurse: Learn more about what it’s like to be a nurse — especially if you were an engineer first. Interesting insights from someone who changed her career path.
  7. @GrimalkinRN: An interesting and feisty nurse who shares her life, and sometimes does it in all caps (and with some swearing).
  8. @learae: Learn about being a nurse entrepreneur, and more about how you can improve your practice.
  9. @NurseDan: An interesting look at ER nursing from this business innovator.

Tooth Care

From dentists to orthodontists and everyone in between, you can get more information on caring for teeth when you follow these Twitter accounts.

  1. @WacoDentist: Learn more about dentistry and other interesting subjects related to teeth.
  2. @PCDental: Hans Skariah offers dental insight and information. He is also the blogger behind The Tooth Booth.
  3. @jflucke: This dentist offers information on technology and dentistry, and where the field is going.
  4. @jablow: This dentist offers solid information, with a technological twist.
  5. @markhambraces: Orthodontist offers interesting look at the future of braces.
  6. @mikenoorani: This MD is also an orthodontist.

Eye Care

Find out more about what it’s like to care for others’ eyesight when you follow these interesting Twitter accounts.

  1. @retinadoc: Randall Wong is an eye doctor who provides interesting information.
  2. @Retinologo: If you are interested in learning more about the eye, this is an interesting account — but the tweets are private so you have to request permission.
  3. @BrightEyesTampa: Shares information on proper eye care and more.
  4. @iarons: This retired ophthalmic consultant is also knowledgeable about using lasers for eye treatment.

Lab Techs

Radiologists and others make it possible to run and analyze many medical tests. Here are some interesting Twitter accounts to follow.

  1. @Radiologyman: This radiologist tweets about x-rays and more.
  2. @sumersethi: This radiologist is known for his blog, as well as his expertise.
  3. @Radiologist_MD: Great news and information on radiology.
  4. @scanman: Interesting look at lab technicians and other news.
  5. @radRounds: Great account for learning more about what’s happening in the radiology blogosphere.
  6. @goomedic: Follows medical informatics, and offers great information for medical technicians.

Medical Assisting

Learn more about helping others — even if you are not a doctor or nurse. A great look at medical assistants.

  1. @med_assistant: Learn more about medical assisting.
  2. @krisithern: Great insight into being a physician assistant.
  3. @jeflnyc: Learn about what it’s like to be a physician assistant in New York City.
  4. @PAChristine: Great tweets, but you will need permission to follow, since this PA keeps things private.
  5. @KimHarrisPAS: Learn about life as a PA student. Interesting insights and stories.
  6. @PhysicianAssist: Great information and more about working with doctors.

Alternative Medicine

If you are interested in learning more about alternative and complementary medicine, these Twitter accounts can provide you with interesting information.

  1. @HomeopathicDana: Learn more about alternative medicine, especially homeopathy from this knowledgeable homeopathic doctor.
  2. @homeopathyworks: Information on homeopathy from Joette Calabrese, a homeopathic doctor.
  3. @treatnatural: Joe McArthur offers information on natural remedies, and other helpful natural health hints..
  4. @tiensherbal: Traditional Chinese Medicine information, tips on how to use herbs and more.
  5. @debdrake: This naturopathic doctor offers information on alternative medicine, as well as nutrition information.
  6. @RawHealer: Naturopathic doctor Reilly offers information and guidance on natural healing and medicine.
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