Nursing Care Plans on the Web: The Ultimate Roundup

Are you a nurse or a caregiver who needs help caring for a loved one or patient who suffers from a disease or disorder? Nursing care plans, or treatment plans, can help you stay organized and address needs for that client on a daily basis. This article and list of 25 nursing care plans on the Web is, basically, the ultimate roundup of nursing care plans, samples and “how-to” instructions for writing your own plans for your caregiving and nursing tasks.

NurseThe development of an efficient and professional nursing documentation system is possible within the existing standards of practice. A streamlined documentation system that integrates the nursing or caregiving process from beginning to end (or admission to discharge) can provide the nurse or caregiver with an optimum defense in the event of litigation proceedings and legal challenges as well.

Although nursing care plans often seem similar, plans are made by following the diagnosis set by each patient’s case through assessment or through clinical diagnosis. Therefore, each plan is similar, but must adapt to each individual’s needs, disease or disorder. Classification activities of the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association International (NANDA-I) have been instrumental in defining this nursing knowledge.

  • Provides consistent language or oral, written and electronic communication
  • Stimulates nurses to examine new knowledge
  • Establishes a system for automation and reimbursement
  • Provides an educational framework
  • Allows efficient information retrieval for research and quality assurance
  • Provides a consistent structure for literature presentation of nursing knowledge
  • Clarifies nursing as an art and a science for its members and society
  • Establishes standards to which nurses are held accountable

The clinical purposes of documentation are to guide the caregiver and to record the client’s status or response. Care plans also serve the following purposes:

  • They represent the priority set of diagnoses for a client
  • They provide a blueprint to direct charting
  • They communicate to the nursing staff what to teach, observe and implement

Documentation of care delivered and the client’s status or response after care are recorded on specific forms including

  • Graphic records
  • Flow charts
  • Progress notes
  • Teaching records
  • Discharge planning or summary

Generic care, as a standard, addresses all or most individuals or families as a unit and what that unit needs in caregiving or recuperation. Examples of generic unit standards include medical, surgical, oncologic, pediatric, postpartum, operating room, emergency room, mental health unit, rehabilitation unit and newborn nursery.

Although standards of care do not have to be part of the client’s record, the record should indicate which standards have been selected for the client for further recuperation. Discharge plans, for instance, can teach the client or family how to manage the situation at home. Care plans also can refer the patient or family to support services outside the generic care facility.

The plans and tools listed below are not the only tools you can find on the Web. Google Books and other open source resources also carry materials that can help you learn more about care plans for specific diseases and disorders. Also, look to facilities in your area, such as nursing homes and hospices to help with forms and guidance in dealing with clients in home environments.

ElderlySample Care Plans

Most of the links listed below can help a nurse or caregiver develop a care plan, but they are generic in that each plan needs to be modified to suit the specific client. These are samples only.

  1. Care Plans And More: This list offers a few care plans categorized by psychological and physical disorders.
  2. CarePlans: offers tools, web applications, articles, links, and libraries to assist caregivers in the careplanning process.
  3. Comprehensive Nursing Care Plans: This subscription-based site provides interactive samples of nursing care plans unique to nursing home residents.
  4. Free Nursing Care Plan — NCP: This site carries numerous plans for various situations.
  5. Immediate Preoperative Nursing Care Plan [PDF]: This form is offered by the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN).
  6. Innercept [PDF]: This residential program offers a free sample care plan for residents.
  7. Nursing Care Plan listings: This list provides links to nursing care plans for a variety of diseases and disorders.
  8. Nursing Care Plans For CHF and other Common Diagnosis: You can find care plans for CHF, hypertension and more on this list.
  9. Nursing Crib Care Plans: This site holds a short list of care plans sorted by disease.
  10. Omaha System Care Plans and Practice Tools: Various agencies send in care plans for review and distribution.
  11. Problem Oriented Nursing Care Plans: A standard care plan for Multiple Sclerosis Center inpatient services.
  12. Sample Treatment Plans: These plans pertain to acupuncture treatment for assisted reproductive therapy.
  13. Transitional Care Planning: This site provides comprehensive, peer-reviewed cancer treatment plan information.
  14. Treatment Plans That Worked: This site offers over 576 treatment plans in its database.
  15. Wellsphere: This site carries a list of articles about treatment plans.

Physical TherapyCreate Your Own

The following tools can help nurses and caregivers create plans, as the links lead to forms, articles and practice descriptions that can guide the development of a nursing care plan.

  1. Care Plan Constructor: This free tool allows users to create customized care plans.
  2. Clinical Management Plans: A toolkit: This toolkit provides a summary of what Clinical Management Plans (CMPs) are and how to develop them.
  3. Create Treatment Plan From Assessment: This plan also offers a link to create a treatment plan without an assessment.
  4. Creating a Treatment Plan: HealthCentral offers a way to create an ADHD treatment plan.
  5. Discharge from hospital pathway, process and practice: This UK Department of Health good practice guidance updates and builds on the Hospital Discharge Workbook published in 1994.
  6. How to Make Perioperative Nursing Care Plans: Learn how to make a perioperative nursing care plan.
  7. Integrating pharmacotherapy with treatment planning for alcohol dependence: This plan construction is offered by Entrepreneur.
  8. Nursing Assessment: Use this tool from as a blank assessment form to help create treatment plans.
  9. Nursing Care Plans: Learn how to create a nursing plan and view two samples provided by a nurse.
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